March 5-6, 2015

Salt Lake City, Utah


Held at the Little America Hotel in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.


A detailed schedule is coming soon but, for now checkout some of these sweet talks.

$asqwatch is real!

William Scott Moss

All that Angular, all that power. Turns out Angular's best feature can also be the main suspect in your not so fast apps. Those $asqwatches are there, wheter you see them or not, Learn how to use less of Angular and speed up your apps by levering community tools and small but powerful techniques.

Why Realtime Matters

James Tamplin

The future of the web is realtime, but the way we develop apps is still based off of the CRUD model. CRUD is a pattern that keeps us blind to updates on the server. It's time to ditch the CRUD model and the $http service. Now is the time to start syncing our data in realtime. In this talk we'll will examine the limitations of a CRUD app. Then using Firebase we'll gut out the $http service, and evolve it to a realtime app with AngularFire.

Angular Behind The Scenes

Rodric Haddad

In this talk, expect to have an insider's look on the Angular project, from behind the scenes. Rody will speak about how Angular fits internally in Google, answering many of the questions he had before officially joining the project. He'll also present members of the project you might not be familiar with, and talk about his experience from different positions in the community.

Angular + React = Speed

Dave Smith

How we integrated React into our Angular directives at HireVue to give them super turbo speed boost power. At HireVue, we found that some of our directives were slow and janky. After identifying the cause of the slowness in the DOM, we were able to switch to React for the DOM rendering, and we got a huge performance boost. This talk will walk you through what we did, and how we are building React- based directives now, including our pattern for i18n.

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

Lukas Ruebbelke & Geoff Goodman

Most people wait their entire life to get a badge granting them permission to be awesome. We would like to challenge that notion by telling you how one of the most popular AngularJS sites came to be. We are going reveal the exact playbook we used to build Plunker with AngularJS so that it could handle almost 20,000 unique visitors a day. We will also tell you how we did it in our spare time. You don't need no stinkin' badges to be awesome!

Building Platforms with angular.js

Jen Bourey

While we often see angular.js used to quickly build small applications, it also has the power to drive large frameworks. Learn how Google has used angular.js to build infrastructure and libraries that support the Google Cloud Developer web console. We'll talk about challenges the team has experienced and how we've handled them, from implementing lazy-loading to assuring consistency and quality across many separate contributing teams.

Community Building How-To: Make More Angular Devs Now

Judy Tuan

Angular's success depends on a thriving community. The apps that we create can better serve the world if our diversity reflects the diversity of our audience. How can we attract more developers of all kinds to Angular, and reach out to underrepresented groups? In this talk, I will draw upon my learnings from creating communities in gaming and programming, with a case study of RailsbridgeSF's success in gender diversity outreach and its effects on other programming communities. This talk is a call to action with concrete steps you can take to foster inclusion in the Angular community in your own home city. Angular needs you, and the time is now.

Run digest cycle in web worker

Dr. Gleb Bahmutov PhD.

Browser freezes while the digest cycle runs. What if we could keep our angular application the same but offload the digest cycle to separate thread in a web worker? Well, we can! I published the step by step micro angular example that makes it possible in the blog post Please see the post for the content.

How to teach Angular to your kids

Katya Eames

Tired of your kids asking you for movie money? Teach them Angular and they can make their own money. This talk will show you ways to get your kids interested in Angular. Of course they'll probably still mooch money off you anyway.

Ionic + Angular: Superpowers for Mobile App Development

Adam Bradley

Mobile devices and browsers are now advanced enough that developers can build native-quality mobile apps using open web technologies like HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. In this talk, we’ll provide background on why and how we created Ionic, the design decisions made as we integrated Ionic with Angular, and the performance considerations for mobile platforms that our team had to overcome. We’ll also review new and upcoming Ionic features, and talk about the hidden powers and benefits of combining mobile app development and AngularJS.

Using Angular to give your apps eyes

Ari Lerner

Although computer vision has existed for a long time, it has largely been used in academic libraries and large, complex applications. With the speed of computers increasing and at an unprecedented rate, computer vision is becoming easier to integrate into lower-cost, applicatons and is ready for the prime time. In this talk, we'll work through an application we've been developing combining machine learning and computer vision and how we've used the flexibility of Angular to power the front-end.

Angular 1.3 meets Angular 2.0

Michał Gołębiowski

A lot of Angular 2.0 proposals rely on established best practices from existing Angular 1.3 apps. In this talk I'll show how one can organize the Angular 1.3 project so that it's easier to find one's way in a large code base and migrate to Angular 2.0 in the future.

ngModelOptions in 5 minutes

Kent C. Dodds

Angular 1.3 brought a sweet new directive to the table called ng-model-options. It gives you more control over how your model gets updated and is very easy to use. Get a quick intro and start using this today!

ngTasty - Building high performance measurable directives

Leonardo Zizzamia

My team at Twitter is tasked with building internal tools using agile methodologies with a focus on rapid iteration. This results in a need to build reusable components that we can continually improve upon. With each new project we increase performance of the components used by all of our applications. With input from Jeff Cross, I will discuss how we focus on performance when designing reusable components that are measurably fast. You may already know about Batarang, but how can you use it in conjunction with Benchpress to design, measure, and identify specific areas of improvement in your application? I will present real-life examples from our ngTasty implementations at Twitter that demonstrate how you can use these tools together to develop the fastest directive you have ever made.


Shai Reznik

Inspired by the legendary talk of Gary Bernhardt, It's time we'll have an Angular WAT talk! We'll go over the quirks and funky stuff every new Angular dev waste few hours staring in confusion at the screen trying to figure out... WAT?! Prepare your adult diapers, 'cause this one is gonna be hilarious!

Reactive all the things

Ben Lesh & Martin Gontovnikas

Angular is performant enough for most apps, most of the time; But what happens when you're trying to push every drop of performance out of your browser app? Making your Webapp performant and at the same time have nice, loosely coupled code based on resauble blocks is extremely hard. How would you handle a fire hose of data from socket pushes streaming to your UI while you've got mouse hover events firing? Reactive Programming is the answer to these questions. In this talk, we'll learn first what Reactive Programming really means and then we'll dive into practical examples on how Netflix is leveraging Reactive Programming to make performant, scalable and loosely coupled apps.

Supercharge AngularJS Apps with TypeScript and ES6

Dan Wahlin & Andrew Connell

ES6 offers many exciting features that will change how you write JavaScript and AngularJS applications. But can you take advantage of ES6 features today while still supporting browsers that don’t fully implement ES6? In this session you’ll learn about key features found in the TypeScript language (a superset of JavaScript) and see how they can be used to add ES6-style code into your Angular apps. Topics covered include classes, inheritance, types, generics, and more.


We have so much awesome in store for you.

Ski Day

Just like last year, we will be offering discounted tickets, rentals, and transportation for skiing the beautiful Utah snow on Saturday after the conference. A limited number of slots available for ski day. Details will be announced soon.

Professional StarCraft Tournament

Friday night, March 6th, is game night at ng-conf. In addition to an XBox tournament, MTG tournament, and Foosball tournament, ng-conf will be hosting a professional StarCraft tournament, casted by Geoff "iNcontroL" Robinson. Two professional players will be fighting in an epic battle for prize money and bragging rights. In addition, an amateur tournament will be held for attendees to show off their mad macro and unbelievable micro skillz. Be sure your travel plans don't take you away from the fun too soon. More details about these events and other game night activities will be available soon.

Hi, I'm a developer. I like to party.

Yup, we are going to be having another awesome party full of great entertainment and excellent food.

More coming soon...


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