“Before NgRx: Superpowers with RxJS + Facades “

Grand Ballroom

Like an alien invasion, everyone is telling you to use NgRx! You are fighting and resisting this Dark Lord mind-shift. What if you wanted to super-power your services without using NgRx?

With RxJS, you get all the super-powers of Observables and `data-push` features. And with View Facades + RxJS, you can radically simplify your view components; hiding all complexity in the Facades.

But designing these Facades can be tricky indeed!

Come learn about Facades and the best-practices for Facade APIs. And then see where & how NgRx can be easily added [later] without affect any of your View components. See where Facades + NgRx are most beneficial… and where NgRx is a perfect next-step, enhancement.

General Session