Progressive Angular: Using the Web Platform Power to the Fullest


Web Platform is amazing. It becomes more and more performant, feature-rich while keeping its universal nature. We call “progressive” the web apps we build using the latest browser APIs, allowing us to achieve a totally new level of the user experience. On this workshop, we’ll focus on what Angular as a framework contributes to the PWA idea.

During the full day of training you will learn about: PWA components, Service Worker API fundamentals, current platform’s PWA support (and workarounds if needed), and of course, Angular Service Worker in details, including undocumented features. I share lots of practical tips & tricks, both technical and UX, review real-life PWA examples, explain how to avoid common pitfalls, and how to deal with edge cases.

On the practical side, I encourage you to build an Angular PWA. We start from the “regular” application, and in the form of discrete, documented steps I guide you on how to add PWA features one-by-one using the tools provided by Angular team and the community. As a result, everyone will build a fully-featured, installable PWA ready to delight its users by offline experience, optimized networking and push notifications. We are not about hitting the numbers – we are about providing the extra value for our users, but 100% score in the Lighthouse is also guaranteed!

After all, for you to get prepared for the next steps, I introduce what’s new coming to PWA-related APIs and what’s on Angular Service Worker roadmap.

BONUS: We also check how to get started in your Angular project with another PWA automation library – Workbox.