Brian Love


Brian is a software engineer and Google Developer Expert in Angular with a passion for learning, writing, speaking, teaching and mentoring. Brian has been building web applications for over 20 years and has long been a fanboy of JavaScript. When not in front of his MacBook Pro, Brian is in the Rocky Mountains skiing or hiking.

My Sessions

Angular is the most powerful and capable frontend framework in the galaxy. In fact, it’s so full-featured that it can feel a little overwhelming when you first dive in. Come to learn the details from two Google Developer Experts. Let Aaron and Brian share their expertise with you as you blast off with Angular. Attendees […]


Schematics can accomplish nearly any task and published by anyone. Whether you want to generate hundreds of dynamic files or update source code, Kevin and Brian will demonstrate how accessible custom schematics are for you or your organization. If you find yourself repeating the same logic, enforcing similar patterns, or performing setup logic, again and […]

General Session

Join as we venture into the unknown space of Angular Schematics. You’ll learn why Schematics can be a valuable tool to you as an Angular developer and how to create a collection of schematics for your organization. We’ll go from the launch pad to orbit and into the deep space of Angular Schematics.