Rachel Noccioli

software developer

Rachel is a software development consultant and Angular Boot Camp instructor at Oasis Digital. She took AP Computer Science in high school but at the time didn’t see it as a path she wanted to pursue. After college, she had a job she knew she couldn’t do for long–she needed a new challenge, and software development was just that. She taught herself to code and got her first job in tech as an Angular developer. Rachel is passionate about opening opportunities for people with non-traditional backgrounds to pursue careers in tech just like she did and volunteers as a mentor at CoderGirl, a program that helps women in St. Louis learn to code and get their first jobs in tech. When she’s not coding, she is caring for cats in need and drinking tea with friends.

My Sessions

This workshop is targeted at developers who are familiar with building Angular apps but who want to learn how to leverage the Angular Material component library to build great-looking apps without hand-coding all the components. We will discuss the Material Design system and add Angular Material and a few different components to an app in […]