Sani Yusuf


Sani is a Google Developer Expert & the founder of HAIBRID, a London based startup that uses Ionic & Angular to create innovative solutions. Sani also co-manages the Ionic UK community in UK and has done some work spanning 5 continents. He has also done some cool stuff with companies like Sworkit, Microsoft, Huddlebuy & Anritsu and actively contributes to the Ionic open source community.

My Sessions

Reactive Forms are a mainstay in the Angular ecosystem yet a lot of developers limit their usage to just Login pages or traditional input collection. In this Worksop, we will showcase how you can take advantage of the full power of Reactive Forms to build some really powerful state-driven solutions. We will explore the hierarchy […]


Web, Mobile & Desktop are the 3 standard platforms we develop for today especially in the Enterprise world. Each platform has its own unique features and needs. When faced with requirements where we need to develop one application for all 3, it can be a nightmare to get it right. How do you share code […]

General Session