Facing the music when millions of daily users hit Delta.com after every release

At Delta, our Angular code is put to the test at unprecedented scale. This talk will cover the types of challenges we face and how we address them to successfully support or mission critical e commerce app with millions of daily users.

How code that would work in smaller scale ends up with server crashes due to load failures and application issues due to Javascript errors that happen only in edge case scenarios.

Examples of tough bugs we squashed –

Application does not load in IE for certain scenarios. Also it works if the debugger window is open. Making it hard to debug the issue.
Our Angular app won’t load on Firefox 50 (yes we need to support it) and what angular builder package was the root cause.
SSR causes CPU and memory spikes when legacy libraries are included.

The process we use to find root cause will be helpful to the audience. And the coding guidelines and architecture choices (micro frontend, feature toggles, metering new UIs, Akamai for caching and security, AEM for content management) could provide useful insights on how to build scalable applications.