Learn advanced practices to help you propel your team and projects

In the Software Development field, change happens at a lightning-fast pace. Technical software engineering managers and executives have to translate new techniques, languages, tools, and services into economic value for their organization in order to keep pace with competition.  Additionally, advancing their software design, testing, and implementation skills remains the most critical factor for successfully managing the full software life cycle and delivering robust digital products.

This one-day workshop is designed to provide Technical Managers and Executives with current Angular best practices and proven insight to help optimize the delivery of fully-tested software that meets stakeholders time and budget requirements.

Key Benefits for Executives and Managers
  • Developed by some of the most experienced and brightest minds in Angular enterprise software development
  • Gain practical management knowledge that can be put into immediate application to streamline digital product releases
  • Speak directly with presenters throughout the workshop to gain their feedback and perspective on individual challenges

Presenters and topics:
Stephen Fluin
Developer Advocate for Angular @ Google

Lukas Ruebbelke
Web Dev. Consultant and Author, Angular GDE
The Surprising Cost of High-Quality Software

Thomas Burleson
VP of Engineering Services, BrieBug Software, Angular GDE
Using Git with CI/CD: Top 5 Rules

Kim Maida
Head of Dev. Relations, Auth0, Angular GDE
Scaling Authentication for Your Angular Architecture

Justin Schwarty
Web architect, writer and content creator, Host of @AngularAir, and Angular GDE

Mike Ryan
Co-creator of NgRx, Angular GDE, and Software Architect at Synapse.
State management in the enterprise

Jan-Niklas Wortman
#RxJS Core Team Member | Frontend Developer
Reactive state applications in the enterprise

Olivier Combes
Former Angular Team member working on the next i18n solution for Angular
I18N in Enterprise Applications

Ryan Chenkie
Angular GDE
An Intro to Adopting Angular

Chris Sevelleja
Web Community Manager @digitalocean, Angular GDE

Brian Love
Angular GDE
Managers Guide to Angular 9

Jennifer Waddella
Lead Angular Developer
Supporting Old-Fashioned AngularJS Apps in a Modern TypeScript World

Alyssa Nicoll

Elise Heron


Tara Manicsic

Angular Developer Experience Engineer

Dan Wahlin

CEO/Chief Architect

James Henry


Chris Demars


Aspen Payton

Boost Reuse (and More) with Angular Elements