Jennifer Wadella

Lead Angular Developer

Jennifer Wadella has been writing code since before she realized it was a credible career path. She currently works as a JavaScript Consultant and loves building performant web applications, speaking at technical conferences, and brewing kombucha. Jennifer is an active member of the KC tech community and the founder of Kansas City Women in Technology(KCWiT), an organization aimed at growing the number of women in technology careers in Kansas City. She is the PubConf Sydney 2018 Champion, a Silicon Prairie Champion Award Nominee, Rising Trendsetter STEMMy award-winner, and is apparently Missouri’s Coolest Woman according to Pure Wow.

My Sessions

Learn advanced practices to help you propel your team and projects In the Software Development field, change happens at a lightning-fast pace. Technical software engineering managers and executives have to translate new techniques, languages, tools, and services into economic value for their organization in order to keep pace with competition.  Additionally, advancing their software design, […]


Once I use the ControlContainer, my form life will change. Cause once you use the ControlContainer nested forms aren’t strange. No Rob Wormald is unproud of you, no Ward Bell acts ashamed. And all FormControls have to obey you when by the ControlContainer you’re acclaimed. And or this gift or this curse I have inside, […]