Justin Schwartzenberger


Justin, aka Schwarty, is a Google Developer Expert in web technologies and Angular, host of AngularAir, and distributor of smiles. He can’t get enough of helping teams architect solutions and providing training and mentorship to help others unlock their awesome.

My Sessions

Learn advanced practices to help you propel your team and projects In the Software Development field, change happens at a lightning-fast pace. Technical software engineering managers and executives have to translate new techniques, languages, tools, and services into economic value for their organization in order to keep pace with competition.  Additionally, advancing their software design, […]


Get your code out on the dance floor and give advanced schematics a twirl. Teach your libraries how to ng add and ng update by partnering up with the TypeScript AST. Schematics is a powerful library that enables the Angular CLI to generate code via ng new and ng generate but it can do so […]

General Session