Auth0 – Senior Full Stack Engineer, PSaaS

We are growing the Auth0 Private SaaS Engineering team and are looking for a Full Stack Engineer to help us design and build an amazing product. You would be a great fit for the team if you enjoy working on challenging problems and care deeply about the product’s end-user experience. Not only are we looking for a talented engineer we are looking for someone who will contribute to our culture. Many of our largest customers rely on Private SaaS to deliver a dedicated, isolated environment to build identity solutions in their products, Auth0 Private SaaS runs on more than 150 different environments. This team is responsible for building the applications, tools and services required to deploy, troubleshoot, maintain and provide support to these environments, which runs either on Auth0 own infrastructure or customer’s infrastructures based on AWS stack. The team has two main responsibilities. First,  deliver world-class applications, services and tools that make it simple and enjoyable to deploy, manage and maintain Auth0’s Private SaaS environments. Second, to ensure that all the features available to our customers in the cloud offerings are also available to our Private SaaS subscribers. We care deeply about the experience our customers have when managing and maintaining our product as well as ensuring the quality of the Auth0 service we deliver.

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